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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Re: Almost lost unless....
Mar 27, 2019, 21:53
nigelswift wrote:
1. Corbyn tries really hard to stop his leavers voting for her (unlikely)

2. She gives DUP a hidden promise of a £3bn bung (almost certain)

3. Bercow says fuck off. (Perhaps, but who knows, might he suddenly get ill?)

1. Not enough of them will vote for the deal to counter DUP/Tory rebels.

2. DUP have said "No".

3. Quite possible, unless the deal is changed (which the EU won't agree to).

Hilarious that Boris has decided that the worst deal ever, which is like a "suicide vest", will leave us as a "vassal state" and which he certainly could never back if the DUP were against it, is suddenly perfectly okay now. Could it be a coincidence that this sudden change of heart has come at the same time as his path to leadership has been re-opened?

But wait, the DUP have now said they won't back it (nor will they abstain). What's a principled person to do? Questions, questions.

What a shower of cunts.
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