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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Re: Jesus I despise Brexit.
Jul 31, 2018, 19:27
goffik wrote:
tjj wrote:
Six months to stop this madness - somehow I doubt there is time.

I'm thinking it's more likely that they don't want to stop it, sadly! :( Because they can, and they know they can, and a second referendum would force them, should it come out in favour of Remain. So they won't. I'm hoping I'm wrong. Fingers crosssed! :)

G x

All the official govt/civil service stuff is flatly stating that we will have left by next summer.

But meanwhile there has been a recent noticeable shift in polling (I know the polls don't prove anything, before anyone says anything) to the effect that now a majority - by referendum comparison a significant one - of the populace want a people's vote on the "three options" of no deal/govt's deal/remain).
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