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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Edited Mar 05, 2019, 17:55
Re: Jesus I despise Brexit.
Mar 05, 2019, 16:14
I see them as people that are sick and tired of all the lies, the deceptions, the murders, the ‘unjust’ wars, poverty, and the general dumbing down..and so on. People who may themselves have had ‘dealings’ and have seen things from the inside.
People have to make a living somehow if they commit themselves to something they believe in. There are people that will take advantage, I’ll give you that. I don’t buy books dvds etc..it’s all online for free...if you can find the good stuff amongst the chaff.

The man named in RDH’s lastest film as potentially ‘involed’ in the killing of Jo Cox changed his identity just before the film came out. What does that say? It’s not in the film I’ve just found that out now. A man called Gareth Bamsey..was convicted of sending threats to Stephen Kinnocks MP a short time after Jo Cox was killed. There’s one article on this from March 2017. Can’t find any other mention of this anywhere so far.


On who’s orders? Was it off his own back? Why would he do this knowing he was traceable? Why would intelligence agencies be so daft as to use the same person for this..if it is indeed the case? He spent many years in the army and has some medical qualifications..LinkedIn etc say he is ‘currently unavailable’ building a new life in France..so it says. Take a look.


Or just do a search for ‘Gareth Bamsey LinkedIn’ if you can’t sign in.

Hair line anyone? Stick a goatee and a baseball cap on? I’m only suggesting what’s already been suggested there. I’m not 100% convinced but I think it’s a valid line of enquiry.

After reading what he’s written does he sound like someone who would send an MP a death threat? He did 8 weeks inside..so articles say.

Was the plain clothes man getting out of the passenger side of an unmarked car at the scene of the arrest of T. Mair Gareth Bamsey? The guy with the limp. Watch the official news broadcast footage of the arrest and see if you can spot him. Or watch Richards film. Somethings not right about the events surrounding her death that’s for sure.

Nobody according to what I’ve read/heard, official or alternative, identified Thomas Mair at the scene as the perpetrator...so how come the arresting officers said “Are you Thomas Mair?” To which he replied “that’s me” or “it’s me” When interviewed on GMB the two arresting officers failed to mention they’d asked him if he was Thomas Mair..they went straight to him saying “it’s me” as if that was an admission of guilt. Gasps from the hosts..

I think the fact that Barry Gardiner was waving RDH’s dvd around on national TV was very telling..trying to mix it in with far right views..has he worried a few folk with this? I think so..

Anyway not long till the 29th..wouldn’t surprise me if something kicked off before then. Let’s hope not.

Irrational, ill-educated? Not the folk I pay attention too..
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