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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Re: A Point of View
Jul 23, 2018, 13:03
nigelswift wrote:
Hi June,
Well I've never been guilty of idealising Europe. I know it has massive faults. But the right wing drift is happening here too and IMO Oswald Moseley's audience is still here and if ever someone like him reappears he'll be followed.

On the other hand, politics is a pendulum, it will swing back, both here and in Europe (and America) eventually.

My objection to Brexit isn,t about that though. It's the fact it's the defeat of the young - both their opinions and their aspirations. That's what makes me so bitter - our generation has had it all but our children will have far less - what a legacy to leave them.

And actually, extreme right wing movements arise from deprivation so if Brexit makes great swathes of our country poorer Moseley WILL be back. The author warns Remainers that Europe is drifting to the extreme right but what's the betting that a couple of years post-Brexit, with people blaming conditions on both May and Corbyn (with some justification) Britain will be more right wing than almost all of Europe?

(Sorry to be so damn opinionated, as S would say. But I feel the country has been robbed).

Nigel, you are as opinionated as much as I am, but we are on the opposite sides of the fence and I just tend to keep myself to myself and don't try to push my beliefs as hard as you do as the simple fact is that neither of us really know what the outcome is actually going to be. I read (yes, selecting an article like you do to strengthen your case) that 90% of our trading is outside of the EU anyway so we'll soon make up that ground and have all the pieces in place already. Did you not think that from Day 1 big business would have been out there setting up deals with the rest of the world from the moment we left? Of course they have, but of course it is not reported by the media, especially the BBC that are a disgrace. We, the leavers, have nothing much to whinge about other than what the dreamers make up, so just let things go along leaving just the Remainers to have all the say which is never good but pleasers the media no end! All the phoney 'polls' claiming this and that out of a handful of people is a joke. The only poll to believe is when all 60 odd million of us take part in it.
And I certainly don't get personal with members of the Government that I don't even know other than through the OTT media. As for Theresa May, what that woman has had to go through and still is, is quite remarkable. Your lot have put obstacles in front of her over and over and bad-mouthed her continually - but she's still there. I don't know anyone in Government or from any other party that could have handled all of that.

It is patently obvious by now that we are likely to leave without a deal which personally I will be delighted with. Business has worked on this possibility from Day 1 and ready to go. With the USA promising to trade with us along with the rest of the world we are home and dry.

That's all I have to say. Feel free to accuse me of flouncing out again but I don't have the need to keep posting one mail after another like you do. Please understand that.

Thank you
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