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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Re: U-Know as a free space.
Nov 18, 2018, 20:57
grufty jim wrote:

Christ, the world is full of awful cruelty and terrible things. On whatever cosmic sliding-scale of human suffering exists, these things are worse than brexit.

But they are also happening to other people. Brexit is happening to us. "That shouldn't matter"? Except it does. It's perfectly reasonable (nay, entirely natural) to focus more of your attention and energy on a problem that (a) directly impacts your family... people you are biologically hard-wired to protect, and (b) feels like you may have some control over it ("a letter-writing campaign to my MP may affect brexit in a tiny way if they change their position... the same amount of effort put into writing about the civil-war in DRC will have zero impact however" is a reasonable position in my view).

But mostly it's (a). I know people who are already in trouble because of brexit. I know people uprooting their entire families because a neighbouring country voted to fuck us over based on lies and criminal activity.

What wise words!
By which I mean, I suppose, I entirely agree. (How else can we conclude something is wise?!)

I'd just add that personal connection isn't the only reason we get upset about things. It can also be inexplicable and random stuff. I personally get really upset that 3 species of rhinos have become extinct in the past few years whereas of vastly more concern is the impending mass extinction of a zillion other species. There's no explanation for that. Mr Spock would say it's typical illogicality, but we're made to be random about our concerns. And preferences as well.

As for your bleak words about B..x.t, for me age makes it worse. You get old and hope things will be OK-ish when you're gone so to suddenly find the reverse is to happen, for sure, beyond all hope of a bright side is effing annoying.

But Scotland, at least, has a chance, hope they take it.
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