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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Re: Brexit from Ireland - a thought experiment
Feb 23, 2019, 05:55
"where does loyalty to the place you have been brought up and lived most of your life cross over into xenophobia and dislike/distrust of 'other' peoples. "

I suppose the standard answer is Nationalism bad, Patriotism good but actually I've always struggled to see what are the claimed but rarely voiced advantages even of patriotism. It was OK long ago when tribe loyalty had a survival advantage, but now? It all seems a bit irrational. But it's in us: other countries,regions,towns,villages, streets and the people next door - we have a propensity to see them as "the others" and to hate 'em all!

I remember my Dad told me that if a young man from our village visited a girl from the next village he risked a beating. That was definitely a biologiical mistake because if ever an area needed a bit of genetic diversity it was ours!
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