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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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jb lamptoast-morsley
jb lamptoast-morsley
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Edited Aug 12, 2018, 15:16
Re: Will of the people?
Aug 12, 2018, 15:06
For the record I voted remain, but in that same news story that you have drawn the statistics from you will note that those 45 and above would prefer to leave and would be more likely to turn up to vote accordingly in a 2nd referendum. Just throwing it out there.

Edit* Here's a quote from the BBC article from 3 days ago:

However, only half of 18 to 24-year-olds said that they would be certain to vote in a second EU referendum, according to recent polls by Survation. This compares with 84% of those aged 65 and over.

So if there were another ballot, it is far from certain that young people would necessarily take the opportunity to register their distinctive views.
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