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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Re: Jesus I despise Brexit.
Dec 12, 2018, 18:29
Captain Starlet wrote:
There's literally no credible argument left that this doesn't undermine. There's literally no possible deal on the planet that is going to equal this. This is literally huge!

I agree with your viewpoint (obvs), but the problem here is that both remainers and moderate leavers seem to now be trying to assess Brexit solely on the basis of the economic effect of the various outcomes.

There is still an argument, which clearly resonates with many leave voters, that the, or even any, economic sacrifice is worth it to end freedom of movement and/or stop EU involvement with the UK's laws.

For many leave voters, this has been the goal right from the off (to be fair, many have not made any bones about this) but now the debate seems to focusing almost entirely on which outcome is better or worse economically, without really acknowledging the other factors that led to the leave vote.
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