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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Re: U-Know as a free space.
Nov 19, 2018, 12:50
nigelswift wrote:
But being STILL sniped at:
"Okay apologies to those delicate toes I might have stepped on", and
"Here I am going to quote Grufty Jim because that sliding scale should really push a lot of hot air down the scale"

That's NOT going to discourage me from having opinions about Brexit and expressing them. Lord I've been insulted a hundred times worse by someone else previously on this forum for opposing what's happening and not expressing warm congratulating to both May and Trump. (True.)

Todays instalment is the PM blowing the racist dog whistle as a desperate attempt to get support for her agreement. As I've said before, it was the racists wot made all the difference in 2016 and it's a fair bet it will work again. Blow economics, too complicated, let's "take control of our immigration policy", that's what REALLY matters to the crucial portion of the swing voters.

For goodness sake Nigel, don't take everything personally, and come out and talk to me as Moss. Sick of this feud you have wrapped around yourself, will it go on forever? This I know, if I want to say something, I shall say it and not be intimidated from now on.

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