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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Re: Question:
Dec 02, 2018, 14:12
grufty jim wrote:
My guess (just a guess now, and I'm not saying it's what I think *should* happen) is that the eligibility requirements will be identical to the first one.

I can imagine the threat of legal action by the losing side ("but the terms were deliberately changed to force a result") would hang over whatever result occurred, in the same way the campaign finances are hanging over the current one.

To avoid any possibility of that; I think they may decide to re-run using the same rules.

Although the converse view is that excluding those groups disenfranchises them unfairly.

As (I *think*) all sides would probably be keen to position a new referendum as "not a re-run of 2016" in order to be seen to not be disrespecting the previous vote, I suspect that there will be a lot of pushing to include more of those people who are directly affected by the outcome this time, particularly from those who would like to see a Remain outcome.

Re your other post, the other option for the two stage, three options vote would be:

Q1. Do you agree that the UK should exit on the terms already negotiated with the EU? Choose either Yes/No

Q2. (In the event of a No vote to Q1) - Should the UK exit without a deal or remain in the EU? Choose either No deal/Remain

It's riskier all round, because if no-one likes the deal on offer, it becomes a straight choice between No Deal and No Brexit (get your bets on now).
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