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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Edited May 28, 2018, 22:25
Re: Jesus I despise Brexit.
May 28, 2018, 17:26
nigelswift wrote:
We're no more racist than anyone else....

Agreed. All I am saying is that a chunk of pro Brexit votes were racist votes and still are. Which puts all the complex economic arguments into a rather sad context.

Hi Nigel, I always feel I have to qualify any comment I make on this topic by saying I voted to stay in the EU. I'm not denying there are racist people in this country maybe even living on the same street. However, there were/are a large number of people who had concerns about open borders because of the number of people taking advantage of them - far more cars on the road, public services/schools stretched to the limit etc, etc. That can only get worse when other (poorer) countries join the EU. I've recently returned from Ireland and was speaking to the owner of the accommodation about Brexit - he is someone who had worked for 20 years in London. His view was that the UK was clobbered by freedom of movement - as far, far more people want to go to London and other UK towns/cities than want to settle in Ireland (although Ireland feels very European these days).

I believe those observations are not in themselves racist (I speak as someone who has Romanians living next door and a Spanish family a couple of doors away).
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