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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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grufty jim
grufty jim
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Brexit from Ireland - a thought experiment
Feb 20, 2019, 18:52
Earlier in this thread I suggested that those who voted Leave had done something actually "wrong". I realise that may not sit well with some people, so I want to set up a very brief thought-experiment...

Imagine the people of Ireland held a referendum. Obviously it's a separate state, so British people would not be eligible to vote.

But imagine the outcome of the referendum nonetheless had a MAJOR impact on the UK. Imagine this decision, made by a narrow majority of the Irish electorate, resulted in a significant hit to the British economy. It resulted in job losses, people being fearful for their livelihoods, people uprooting families, real damage to British people who had no part in that decision.

Imagine serious, intelligent, knowledgeable people warning that further down the line, this decision by the people of Ireland could very well result in social unrest, violence, bombings and murders on the streets of the UK.

Now that you've imagined all that, I want you to tell me, hand-on-heart, that the people of Britain would not be utterly outraged at the temerity of the Irish inflicting this damage on them.

Tell me they'd be insisting that "the will of the Irish people" be respected even if it damages us in Britain. tell me all about how sacrosanct democracy is... even when many of those affected by a vote are ignored, marginalised and silenced.

You want to know what I think... I think the British people would be outraged and furious. I think The Sun would be suggesting that the Irish decision was an act of hostility not unlike Republican terrorism; and the Daily Mail and its millions of readers would be demanding Theresa May send in the troops and launch airstrikes against Dublin.
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