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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Re: Brexit from Ireland - a thought experiment
Feb 22, 2019, 05:31
Irrational nationalism is ever-present within a proportion of English people and it can be summoned up in a moment by The Sun and The Mail. Remember "Up yours Delors"? Maybe that was the moment a percentage of us turned against Europe in our guts, and once a prejudice is there it can't be changed by mere logic.

It's very useful if your paper wants to promote its owner's agenda or simply to sell more copies. Remember the Sun's headline announcing Thatcher's murder of 1,800 eighteen-year-old Argentinian conscripts on the Belgrano which had been sailing towards its home port for 24 hours: Gotcha!

Incidentally, being anti-Irish over Brexit doesn't need hypothesising that the boot was on the other foot. It seems to me that Europe as a whole and Ireland, in particular, has been far more grown up and dignified than Britain yet the press constantly portrays them as unreasonable and scheming. I seem to remember several years ago on here I said, before it had happened, that we'd end up demonising Europe. Now it happens every day.
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