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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Edited Mar 15, 2019, 16:25
Re: Jesus I despise Brexit.
Mar 13, 2019, 10:14
If someone told me that it was actually the EU behind the ‘Leave’ campaign..I could probably believe it.

It’s hardly in the spirit of two lovers who split but still have enormous love and respect for each other is it? It reminds me of the Miners Strike 84’ in that..perhaps coal wasn’t/isn’t the future but to destroy an industry like that was unforgivable. Slowly does it..if you’re going to do it at all. Maggie, and her ‘advisors’ were all for the EU..(‘reshaping’ the UK Coal Industry was part of EU policy? Along with many other British industries?) until she made her Bruges Speech where she began drawing her horns in..A year later she was out. (good riddance anyway) Replaced by another Bilderberger J. Major who would comply. If one is to believe what one hears about such as the Bilderburgers, they would have been planning this debacle years ago..a decade ago or more?
Nobody knew what they were voting for! Good in it’..”we want you to vote leave or remain...we’ll tell you what leave and remain mean after you’ve voted.” Out of this chaos they’ll come up with something new..a different order nobody wanted or feel it’s what they voted for whichever way they voted...not in the people’s interests. And that’s what all the distraction and dragging it out is for?
I voted leave (naively perhaps) thinking it might be an opportunity to change how politics operates..ie..not being hooked up to a sprawling ‘dictatorship’ that’s unable to account for billions!..(I wanted to find another word there.. but it went with ‘sprawling’ so well..) It was watching things like ‘The Brussels Business’ that tipped my vote, and looking back at the history of the setting up of the EU at the end of WWII. What was the original intention? Rhetorical.There’s nothing wrong with having a ‘Superstate’ as long as it’s not pretending to be something it isn’t?
Many people say we sold out some years ago..giving away the national sovereignty of this country.
I wouldn’t describe myself as a nationalist/royalist or a ‘kipper’ or anything of the sort. More..at least let’s have the ‘locals’ ripping us off..and not the unelected folk over the water. Better the devil you (think you) know?
The real ‘answers’ to this are not in the same terms to the questions being put. But we’ve got to go from where we are? Trying to clear the waters in my thoughts too..I appreciated what you’ve written..
Genuinely sorry to hear that CS...

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happened you can bet we planned it that way”

F.D. Roosevelt.

....but there’s some debated as to whether he actually said that or not!

How on earth could we know?..it’s like a surgeon asking a hospital porter whether or not part of an organ should be removed..the porter suddenly having to gem up on surgical procedures.There’s far far too much information to hold in the mind..which will always be incomplete and when you make a decision based on incomplete knowledge..?..so one can’t help one’s vote being at least in part an emotional response..for many..which although has value..it needs a solid foundation. Emotions can be swayed. Facts are facts..if we can get at them.

They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do anyway..they just thought they ought to give the public a sniff of the debate? ie a ‘vote.’ I still psychologically ‘kick myself’ when I remember I voted for Blair.

Just some thoughts..none written in stone. I’ve no mind to fall out with anybody about it. I’ve come to respect equally, whichever way people voted. Because they’re victim of the same on going political deception as I am. There’s a power struggle at the top...prawns in the game.

I remember seeing Billy Bragg on the ‘Red Wedge’ tour..

Maggie’s Bruge Speech..even Maggie smelt a rat?..in her ‘own’ interests of course. Just somethin’ for the pot. Don’t know enough about the wider context.


..an antidote.


It’s been said that the writers of ‘Yes Minister’ and ‘Yes Prime Minister’ actually wanted Paul Eddington to stand for parliament..they would write all his speeches. The idea was quickly abandoned however when they realised that they might just bring the whole thing crashing down...
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