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Julian Cope, Nov 1st 2010ce

Continuing in that same blistering vein as the others in Cope's SAMPLER series, DETROITROCKSAMPLER offers listeners 38 classic sonic slabs from the period 1966-76, the main text also exploring the peculiar social and political reasons why this North American city's music was, compared to other contemporary cultural centres, so deeply and riotously intense.

Julian Cope's Album of the Month

May 2010ce, AOTM #120

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Reviewed by The Seth Man,
13th Dec 2020ce

Van Morrison Common One Fitter Stoke 30th Oct 20
Vsevelodon the Bigot Nest (Vsevelod and the Big Nest) Vseveloddity: the Return DachshudWee 30th May 20
Minty Rocksmacker and Vsevelod's Old Brown Gowns Don or Dennis: Vsevelodyssey DachshudWee 25th May 20
Edgar Broughton Band Sing Brother Sing,EBB,Inside Out DMH 12th Mar 19
The Psychic Paramount II Lugia 4th Jun 18
Boredoms Seadrum / House of Sun Lugia 16th May 18
The Velvet Underground Loaded Eddy Bamyasi 24th Feb 18
Michael Nau Some Twist Graveyard Poet 23rd Jun 17
Iggy Pop The Idiot Graveyard Poet 22nd Apr 17
Mount Eerie A Crow Looked At Me Separator 31st Mar 17