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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Edited Feb 20, 2019, 06:07
Re: Jesus I despise Brexit.
Feb 20, 2019, 05:45
Sorry June I really think you are criticising what isn't there. Please see what I actually said.

As for the cause of the disaster, Honda (and all Swindon's high tech firms) advised their employees to vote Remain because they thought Brexit would be bad for them (little dreaming it might be even worse than a soft Brexit) so I don't buy the Government inspired message that Brexit had nothing to do with it. Not for one minute.

Of course I know it's terrible for the town and that a lot of people voted remain so you have no need to defend them against a perceived but non-existent criticism. I used to live near Longbridge, how could I not know how the town is feeling?

But I reserve the right to resent specifically those who voted Brexit all over UK in defiance of advice from their employers and who have brought about an ongoing calamity. My son voted Remain and will lose his job, both he and all the remain voters in Swindon deserves more sympathy than those who "wanted to take back control" like it said on a bus.

If there's any silver lining it's that Swindon is on the M4 corridor and very popular with employers so it will recover in the end. I doubt the same can be said of the North East or South Wales.
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