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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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grufty jim
grufty jim
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Re: U-Know as a free space.
Nov 18, 2018, 13:51
nigelswift wrote:
Crumbs! "The problem with U-know is the one-sideness of the issues, Brexit till we are all sick of it, and then fox-hunting as the ultimate cruelty, when there are other issues of absolute cruelty"

In my own view, this place is a shadow of the place it once was (social media killed the web forum as a general rule -- it's not just here). But I did find that particular objection a bit odd.

Any registered user can start a thread about anything they want here. And nobody is being forced to read the threads on subjects that don't interest them. I couldn't tell you what's going on in most of the other threads on this board (let alone the other 3).

There is no "editorial line" at this place any more. There used to be, but that's not been the case for almost a decade now.

nigelswift wrote:
I have a personal hatred of Brexit as it will make so many people poorer and I have a particular dislike of fox hunting cruelty as it's so deliberate. So I guess I'll continue to go on about it here ad some people's nauseam and others are welcome to go on about other stuff as long as they like. It's a free forum, hurrah, not a controlled one......

Brexit is the defining political event in the UK and Ireland right now. If it happens, it will have massive repercussions on these islands for decades to come. It has the potential to wreck lives, reignite violence, divide communities, and so much more. And that's without counting the economic costs.

Some of us may have "brexit-fatigue", but that's up to you to deal with. Do whatever feels right... ignore it if you want. But don't try to pretend it isn't important. And don't tell people not to discuss important things.

Are there "worse" things going on in the world? Damn straight. How about an ebola outbreak in the middle of one of the current hotspots in the Congolese civil-war? The Chinese "re-education camps" for the Uighur minority? North Korea? What might be about to happen to indigenous groups in Brazil?

Christ, the world is full of awful cruelty and terrible things. On whatever cosmic sliding-scale of human suffering exists, these things are worse than brexit.

But they are also happening to other people. Brexit is happening to us. "That shouldn't matter"? Except it does. It's perfectly reasonable (nay, entirely natural) to focus more of your attention and energy on a problem that (a) directly impacts your family... people you are biologically hard-wired to protect, and (b) feels like you may have some control over it ("a letter-writing campaign to my MP may affect brexit in a tiny way if they change their position... the same amount of effort put into writing about the civil-war in DRC will have zero impact however" is a reasonable position in my view).

But mostly it's (a). I know people who are already in trouble because of brexit. I know people uprooting their entire families because a neighbouring country voted to fuck us over based on lies and criminal activity.

It's the main topic of conversation right now for a reason.
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