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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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grufty jim
grufty jim
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Edited Feb 20, 2019, 17:05
Re: Jesus I despise Brexit.
Feb 20, 2019, 16:50
tjj wrote:
I've read the Honda PDF File 2017 and yes, I cannot dispute it does seem Brexit is a big factor - although the tariff free trade deal between Japan and the EU must have influenced Honda's change of direction.

Absolutely. As I've said a few times, Brexit is unlikely to be the only factor in the decision; but people insisting it had *nothing* to do with Brexit are doing my head in. They are either happily ignoring the facts (and not bothering to look into them) or else are actively trying to obscure those facts. And there's a lot of that about, and I find it utterly reprehensible.

I've no anger with ignorance. But I do get mystified when people think a public forum is the right place to dump it. If someone wants to believe the earth is flat or that Honda Swindon is "diesel only"... against all easily-available evidence... then they're welcome to do so.

But if they state that as a fact in public (or even as a likely truth from a trusted source) without doing a basic bit of research first, then I'm less and less patient with that behaviour. Our society is being ripped apart by "fake news" and lies before our very eyes. Not just on Brexit; but so much utter bullshit is being fed into the internet, and it's damaging us all.

People can usefully discuss whether Honda's move was "largely because of Brexit" or just "partly because of brexit"; but the internet is now full of people saying it has NOTHING to do with brexit because Honda's CEO said so, or because of some lie on social media about diesel.

If Honda's CEO had said "this is because of brexit"; literally EVERY brexiteer would be insisting that corporate press releases can't be trusted and the statement is politically motivated. It doesn't matter who says what, it's "true" (and the person saying it is 100% reliable) if - and only if - the statement agrees with my existing beliefs.

That's a bloody awful test of Truth. And it leads to very dark societies.

tjj wrote:
I got involved with this discussion to defend the Honda workers and Swindon as a town. I understand, not sure from where (might be here) all the Honda employees were advised by their management to vote Remain. They've done nothing wrong.

We will agree to differ here. I think those that voted "leave" DID do something wrong. I think a leave vote, without first giving deep consideration to how that was going to impact the peace process in Ireland was incredibly reckless, selfish and displays -- yet again -- that the UK appears incapable of acting like a decent neighbour towards Ireland.

Nobody who voted Leave in England gave the slightest thought to how it would impact others. If you want to vote to leave the EU, that's not "wrong". If you want to vote to leave the EU without first working out how that's NOT going to fuck over your neighbours, then that *is* wrong.

EDIT: I said "UK" there in the 2nd last paragraph. This is largely an English thing (I'm of the Fintan O'Toole view that Brexit is driven largely by English nationalism) so maybe that should be "England" not the UK.
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