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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Edited Feb 02, 2019, 22:23
Re: Jesus I despise Brexit.
Feb 02, 2019, 20:06
Freedom..what a word that is. I suppose that word didn’t exist when there was some kind of real freedom. The need only arose for the word...when it was lost. As a concept. I’ll tec’ me Taoist hat off now.

May be of interest?

“28.1.2019 - Jo Cox Film Released Early.
The latest film from Richplanet which was due out in early April 2019 has been released early. If you order it now on DVD it will be dispatched the same day. Due to the current Brexit situation and claims in mainstream media that so called “far right” extremism is increasing due to Brexit, I felt that people need to see the content of the film as soon as possible. The media and politicians keep using the Jo Cox fake narrative to re-enforce a myth that asserts that certain people who support Brexit have either killed or are likely to kill due to their beliefs. The film exposes the truth about the Jo Cox incident and proves beyond reasonable doubt that Jo Cox was NOT killed by the man they have claimed.” Richplanet.net

I won’t be ‘convinced’ one way or another but I’ll give it a watch when available. It’ll be on YouTube in the next week or so for free too. He’s put some research together in a previous presentation regards Jo Cox. So might be worth a watch before the next one, if you intend.


Who knows..really?..anything’s possible. Tommy Mair hardly saying a word if at all in any of his police interviews/court appearances...because it wasn’t actually him? That’d make sense..?

It’s another angle. I’m not ‘pushing this.’ But I’m curious enough to watch and listen..and not just go with “the Butler did it.”

I’ll bet my bottom dollar TM wears her chunky silver chain when she delivers ‘The Speech’ The same one she wore for her first speech as PM. ...the one that does actually look just like a slave chain around her neck...her ‘advisors’ no doubt chose it..”Know your place Teresa”


https://youtu.be/msAcTMKMSKA Bye bye love..
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