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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Re: Jesus I despise Brexit.
Feb 20, 2019, 16:01
I've read the Honda PDF File 2017 and yes, I cannot dispute it does seem Brexit is a big factor - although the tariff free trade deal between Japan and the EU must have influenced Honda's change of direction.

I got involved with this discussion to defend the Honda workers and Swindon as a town. I understand, not sure from where (might be here) all the Honda employees were advised by their management to vote Remain. They've done nothing wrong.

This morning I heard Ken Clarke on the radio refer to the right wing nationalists in the ERG and as you probably know by now, three Conservative MPs have left the party saying it has been taken over by said Right Wing Nationalists.

I'm very sad about the fact Northern Ireland has become a political football in all of this - I will be staying in County Antrim for a week in a couple of months time. I would like to think things will have settled down by then but I very much doubt it.
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