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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Re: Jesus I despise Brexit.
Jul 27, 2018, 09:26
I must say I can't see much wrong with a bit of obsession when it comes to something one believes strongly in.

Maybe that phrasing is just one of the #Brexiteer's many defences against those who disagree with them. Although it does reek of hypocrisy, considering the apparent obsession from their part.

I'm speaking generally, and in the plural, rather than zeroing in on one individual.

But yes - obsessively speaking out against something one is opposed to is all part of living in a democracy. "Free speech", and all that.

There are a couple of (loosely related) things that I can't quite fathom:

One is that a lot of #Brexiteers seem to also be in favour of many of the awful things that Donald Trump says and stands for. Does this highlight a general level of gullibility on their part? Or is it more fair to suggest they are victims of targeted social media campaigns that have been headline news in recent times?

Another is their apparent inability to accept that they may, in fact, be wrong! There is no shame in admitting a momentary lapse of reason when overwhelming opposing facts are presented. I'm sure if #Brexit - against all evidence - turns out to be a great idea where we all - as individuals, and as a country - prosper and become a greater and fairer society then I will happily admit to being wrong.

G x
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