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Re: Mr Carr
Aug 03, 2007, 16:42
Mustard wrote:
slumpystones wrote:
Mustard wrote:
slumpystones wrote:
Robert Carr's main objective seems to be to discredit HA. Subverts a thread, then claims it's all about HA. Classic oldschool trolling.
You might be right for all I know, but having been called a "troll" simply for arguing a sincerely held point of view, I do feel that the term is bandied around rather loosely on this forum.

It indeed has been in the past. But in this case the cap fits, even if [as I suspect] the troll in question is unaware of the headgear he is wearing.

Take a look at every post by said chap, and try to find anything constructive, let alone any hint of an interest in the actual subject. The thread could be about anything at all, the price of bread for instance, and he'd still be twisting and turning, gnashing teeth and trying to make the discussion revolve around himself.

Of course, that's what I'm supposed to be doing.
Do you lot have any bloody idea what you sound like? It doesn't matter whether Mr Carr is a troll or not. If that's your genuine suspicion, you'd do far better by just rising above it. As it stands, you're coming across as nasty and vitriolic. Posts of this tone will achieve nothing other than to discourage genuine members from contributing. This forum has never looked cliquier. If Mr Carr is a troll, you're playing into his hands by painting yourselves in a very unpleasant light.

I disagree, as you'd expect. Firstly I object to being called 'you lot' as if I speak for anyone else. I speak purely for myself.

I don't think there is anything nasty or vitriolic in any of my posts - sarcastic maybe, disagreeable certainly, but that's about all.

You have created this 'clique' idea by putting people into imaginary groups, instead of accepting that maybe, just maybe, they actually agree with other. Why is it so impossible to believe that individuals cannot share a belief in something, or indeed a distaste for something else, without being accused of being organised?

"English Heritage's handling of the whole Silbury issue from day one has been nothing more than shoddy" is the main complaint by many - is that so impossible to understand?

The question you should be asking is why someone who is educated, erudite and intelligent, should seek to subvert discussions about English Heritage and Silbury, not once actually contributing anything, rather attacking the methods used by others, making fun of their attempts to change the way things are done and generally subverting the thread?

Why should he bother? He has indicated no real interest in the actual subject of this forum, let alone this thread, and has chosen to harrass those who have legitimate concerns, with good reason, for a fragile and threatened ancient monument.

Now tell me, why would anyone want to do that?
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