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Edited Jul 28, 2007, 23:54
Re: the view from inside
Jul 28, 2007, 23:53
Hello fool on the hill,

Thank you for your post.

fool on the hill wrote:
I was one of the people fortunate enough to be invited on one of the EH tours into the excavations last weekend (boo, hiss, traitor etc) and it was one of the most amazing and honoured experiences of my life.

Lucky. Not sure if I would have had the balls to go in there.

Whilst in no way wishing to prolong this agony, I would just lik to point out that the it took EH from 29 May 2000 to 16 August 2001 to get something other than a metal plate over the crater on the summit; a crater which had appeared as a consequence of heavy rains over the preceding weeks........aren't we supposed to learn from experience?

fool on the hill wrote:
We were allowed to take photographs in the hill but EH did request that we would not publish them on the interweb so I hope the above will give you a good image.

Thus I find quite incredible. If the money for the restoration of the Mound is coming from the public purse, what right have EH to decide that this information is to be managed in such an overly controlling manner? It begs the question; whose information is it? This edict means that just those in the know get to see what is going on; the fact that people have been concerned with the state of Silbury for years means absolutely nothing to EH. Cynical Me says that they'll release this information once they have imparted their own spin on to it. It already sounds like Atkinson is becoming a sacrificial lamb...

I'm sorry; I'm feeling angry and short-changed right now. We're paying for this in so many ways.



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