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Robert Carr
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Edited Jul 31, 2007, 18:53
Re: Mr Carr
Jul 31, 2007, 18:35
Paulus wrote:
Hi Little One!

Littlestone wrote:
Mr Carr, you have posted a couple of dozen comments on this thread, and perhaps another dozen comments elsewhere on TMA (including your somewhat irrelevant thread of Stonehenge at Live Earth, where you merely wittered to yourself). In all, your comments seem to comprise of taking issue with what others post and little else.

Hmmm....forgive me, but countless times you do exactly the same thing as what you are wittering on about here! But you, of course, exceed with considerable greatness, as you've been wittering to yourself and your little group for many more years. Might I ask: is the TMA forum intended to be one where you and your hierarchy rule the roost, or can others come in and disagree without being pushed aside and/or insulted?

Littlestone wrote:
Nigel Swift (and others at Heritage Action and on TMA) have campaigned tirelessly over many years for the right course of action to be taken with regard to the conservation of Silbury while minor irritants such as yourself do little other than try to subvert threads, and the incompetents at English Heritage continue to flap from one disastrous course of inaction to another.

Quite right. But the overbearing "I am right - you are wrong!" attitude is imbued within much of the communications at times. Many times, other folk try to point this out, only to be told that they don't know what they're on about, or to shut up, or be insulted, or god-knows-what other juvenile psychologies. However, if the TMA newcomer wholeheartedly agrees to thee, there's the communal licking-of-the-arse literacy: i.e., "ooh, thank you"; "ooh, you're such a nice person", etc. It's like listening to politicians rubbing each other up! Honestly.

Now I know you're gonna take this as another of Paulus' insults, but I don't mean it in that way at all. If I was as bad as that, I'd have started up a thread message, much as you have, called summat like, 'Mr Lilltestone' or something - and then started to make derogatory or insulting remarks on a person's contribuitions to TMA.

Littlestone wrote:
If I may ask you a question Mr Carr: do you actually have something of megalithic interest to contribute to TMA or are you just here to irritate those of us who do?

The same has gotta be said of you LittleOne. You talk and talk...and talk...and talk. But, unless others talk on your wavelength, your ego deems it of little worth. Self-aggrandizement comes to mind - regularly.

...Oh and one final thing: howzabout keeping much of the politics of HA on HA's website, so allowing many other ideas and subjects more room to be discussed on TMA forums; or has TMA become a political extension of HA?

Cheers - Paulus


Absolutely spot on.

I suspect that most people who read or post to this forum are sick of Littlestone posting the same rant again and again and again.

He seems to be an obsessive, self-deluded and paranoid individual.

I myself have been accused of being a English Heritage 'spy', a paedophile and given a deathwish of cancer by this nutcase and his pathetic cronies just for the crime of saying 'hang on a minute'.

Your suggestion that Heritage Action should go and play on their own web site is sound. They shoud have their own forum where they can rant and brown nose themselves to death in their own private space.
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