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Julian Cope, Nov 1st 2010ce

Continuing in that same blistering vein as the others in Cope's SAMPLER series, DETROITROCKSAMPLER offers listeners 38 classic sonic slabs from the period 1966-76, the main text also exploring the peculiar social and political reasons why this North American city's music was, compared to other contemporary cultural centres, so deeply and riotously intense.

Julian Cope's Album of the Month

May 2010ce, AOTM #120

Read Only Memory

Reviewed by The Seth Man,
1st Jan 2014ce

Black Submarine New Shores Graveyard Poet 2nd Apr
Bloodrock USA Lawrence 9th Mar
Ted Nugent Ted Nugent Shelf-Stacker 8th Feb
Ramleh Grudge for Life Lawrence 19th Dec 13
The Wipers Youth of America Lawrence 16th Dec 13
Shuggie Otis Freedom Flight Graveyard Poet 5th Dec 13
Bobbie Gentry The Delta Sweete flashbackcaruso 21st Sep 13
Goat World Music Graveyard Poet 20th Sep 13
Deep Purple Burn maningrey 17th Sep 13
Pond Hobo Rocket Graveyard Poet 7th Sep 13