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Re: Mr Carr
Jul 31, 2007, 15:25
Me again!

goffik wrote:

Ah, well. I really didn't want to say owt cos I know it's waaay off topic for this 'ere place, but I do think LS gets an unnecessarily bad rap. He's a great guy who cares a lot for these sites. And as far as I can tell, that's nothing to have a go at anyone for. Not that you are - I know you get fed up with the retorts, but come on... wouldn't you?

I think at times the fella's his own worse enemy - and although I've not met him, the impression across the Net aint good. We'd clash pretty quickly as I'm rather intolerant of intolerant people (if y' get what I mean!). And, though I hear what you're saying about him, the way he responds at times is with an overtly supercilious attitude - much of which he appears to actually enjoy. Of course, there's nowt wrong with that, if that's what you wanna be - but it's gonna cause trouble and strife from some folk - me included! I deal with retorts in a wider manner, depending on their nature and substance. Of course, this doesn't necessarily abate things, but wider parameters obviously help.

goffik wrote:
Maybe a bit more tolerance toward the more "out there" aspects wouldn't go amiss, but again, those who have appeared fairly recently with such topics of conversation have tended to be exactly the type of people I've described! There's ways and means of going about these things...

Couldn't agree more. We sometimes find things getting stuck into one way of looking at reality (a very modern Western ego-centred perspective) which doesn't necessarily bode well as a means to explore things from the past.

Anyway, I'll shurrup for t' time being.

All the best - Paul
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