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Re: Getting back to the subject in hand - Silbury Hill
Aug 02, 2007, 17:12
Hi Moss!

moss wrote:
I threw Paul Devereux's "The Long Trip" book at my hens last week for making too much noise - it did the trick perfectly Paul ;).

I'm sure Paul would be pleased to hear that his book has multifunctional purposes!

moss wrote:
Stirring with spoons is normally a female attribute, it seems that everyone is making judgements about people they have never met,

...though I'm not "stirring it" in anyway Moss. Honestly. (cheers for the 'female attribution' remark though - most of my old lesbian mates tell me I have such attributes a-bundle). I think if I wanted to do that, I could, with considerable efficiency - but to no end other than to irritate and offend other people. I recall Mr Mustard (I think) being accused of the same thing a few weeks back when he was striving to get across a slightly different perspective on things; but it was obvious (to me and a few others anyway) that he was simply trying to apply a widening of particular parameters. But this 'perspective-widening' attribute didn't appear to have been perceivable to other forum chaps, who took much of what he said as purely some antagonistic response. What surprised me more than anything was the fact that his simple querying was imperceptible to those who were shouting him down.

If I give the opinion that I'm merely stirring trouble/mischief/whatever, I'm sorry. But I have to ask: what on earth is is that others think they are doing when they start making personal insults and attacks on people? If some dood wants to give out an arrogant attitude, they've gotta expect to gerrit back sometime. Me, personally, I'd rather such an arsehole-attitude, whether it's from me, LittleOne, or whoever, was kept in check.

...Anyway, I hope all is well in the land of Moss. Tis my favourite plant by the way...

Cheers - Paul
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