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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
Jun 14, 2010, 19:57
tjj wrote:
Your not ranting Branwen, sounds to me that you are trying to understand 'why' people feel the need to make offerings to the earth. I wonder if it is the same psychology that made people buy 'indulgences' in medieval christian times. Several posts ago I played devil's advocate and said I sometimes leave berries as an autumnal offering at a discreet country spot. In truth, I haven't done that for years (though I do leave something similar for the birds in my local nature reserve).

There are lots of ways someone can leave the 'spirit of an offering' without even going into the countryside - my favourite one is to go through my books, cds, wardrobe and take a bag along to a charity shop. Beneficial all round as de-cluttering always gives a good feeling.

Yeah, I feel it's better than just saying dont do that - I dont like it, others dont like it, only you like it. It gets me nowhere as opinions always differ. I'd rather find out why they are doing it then point out they can get the same effect without being the bad guy. Often its a lack of understanding of the original beliefs they think they are copying, which I can sometimes help with as a folklorist.

Re charity shops, my earlier posts mention their modern cloutie trees they have. Also I would like to add, if you register at a charity shop, they give you a donation code, and they can get 28p in the £ extra back from the tax man for each £ your donation of goods raises, so please register. You can then find out how much your junk was worth to them at the end of the year if you want. I'm not sure if thats then a tax deductable amount for you too - but it lets you know the difference you made.
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