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Tidying up offerings
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Edited Jun 05, 2010, 06:19
Re: Tidying up offerings
Jun 05, 2010, 05:29
How are the few that have managed to survive going to be protected against this Yahoo behavior? I ask very seriously.

See my other reply Bucky. Random Yahoos of the paint-splattering variety are rare, they are pretty much impossible to control (other than with guard towers and machine guns) but the damage they do is very small per year in total and the measures that would be needed to stop them would rob sites of the essence that makes them precious.

The big losses are through farming (farmers plough 3 inches per year off a barrow so in forty years their sons have a nice flat field - try controlling that!) and quarrying (the quarry companies are in bed with the govt.) and road building (ditto) and (in a much more subtle and unnoticed fashion) metal detecting (blessed, inexplicably, by the govt.) and general development (where the law says yes you can almost certainly destroy stuff if you do a survey of it). The Mod Ant type stuff is mostly formally protected if it's upstanding tho' not enough if it ain't. There are 1 million archaeological sites in England alone, we're losing them fast but not to Yahoos.

BTW as I understand the States protection extends ONLY to Federal Land. If you have a Native American site on your private land you can quarry it for stuff to put on EBay. That's bad innit? Oh no, hang on, that's Britain as well. Except here we also give you a £3.3 million reward for finding the REALLY good stuff, that belongs to us already!
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