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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
Jun 03, 2010, 15:21
Mustard wrote:
nigelswift wrote:

How long is it that most pagans have been asking the self-gratifying minority of their fellows to keep to the ASLaN charter (which FULLY explains its own raison d'etre?)

There's no such thing as "pagans" though. It's a blanket term that encompasses a huge variety of different beliefs and traditions, so referring to "them" as a generic group is pretty pointless.

nigelswift wrote:
It's like the metal detectorists, 13 years and £20 million of state financed "education and persuasion" and most of them still don't tell anyone what they find. And some people STILL think their own wishes outrank the ASLaN charter. All this "the best way is to persuade, not condemn" is all very well but after how many years of failure to persuade is it OK to condemn? ;)

The difference being, it's reasonable to assume that people who leave offerings feel some kind of connection to the beauty of the sites that they're visiting, so I would imagine they would potentially be receptive to reasonable dialogue. Sometimes, it's about explaining things to people in a way that they can understand. Whether you feel justified in condemning or not, it's never going to be constructive, because as soon as you condemn someone you just get their backs up and they'll dig their feet in even further.

nigelswift wrote:
Take the little scrote that writes "Shite" in red spray paint on trees, walls, houses, windows and windscreens round my way. Should we recognise it's "complicated" and gently explain to him over a period of perhaps 11 years (the age of the ASLaN Charter) why, despite his personal conviction he is adding to the charm of the town and appeasing the Stourport Bogle, we think it's a tad antisocial, as is being suggested for these off-their-rocker offerers, or should we get him to clean it all up with his tonsils? Eh? Eh?


Not quite the same as hanging a plastic flower from a tree though, eh?

Thank you mustard!!!!!!!!!
A reasoned voice.
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