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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
Jun 01, 2010, 10:39
Mustard wrote:
megadread wrote:

Leaving anything behind in the countryside, in the city, in the park etc etc is littering, simple.

But chucking your litter in a bin so it can be buried somewhere out of site and out of mind is better how, exactly?

But that's the accepted way of disposing of our rubbish, is it not. ?
I know it's not ideal but unfortunately it's the only means of disposal available to most of us, and it's legal, leaving your crap at ancient sites is not, it's littering, simple.

Close to Barbrook 1 stone circle is a reconstructed cairn, every time i go there i find more and more little bits of quartz and to be honest i don't mind that as they're usually hidden under the stones, it's the bits of plastic tat that wind me up, in full view of everyone who visits, when these items become weather worn and dirty do the original owners return to take them away, i think not, they get lobbed to one side in the long grass then take a thousand years to rot, i just can't see how anyone can accept that as responsible behaviour.
As for tea lights, don't get me started on them. : z
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