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Tidying up offerings
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Edited May 29, 2010, 13:28
Re: Tidying up offerings
May 29, 2010, 13:25
Hi Faerygirl -

Wot's even worse - and they've been growing at an incredible rate over the last 30 years - are these awful, noisy, bright metal objects covering the lanes and roadsides just about everywhere, parked-up, people gerrin' out, eating their damn crispy packets, plastic bottled water (organic o' course - it sez so on the tin!), choci-bars, chips - and the damn ignorant freaks who keep gerrin new ones are wanting bigger and wider roads for 'em, so they can get even closer to the megaliths. These dreadful daily offerings (you can't get rid of 'em it seems, cluttering the wilderness increasingly as laziness infests folks' legs!) seemingly keep breeding. And the truth of the matter is: the people who use these things are the people who leave all their driblets. The solution's simple: ban them - cars that is! Then, less & less crap will be left at sites cos the lazy people (those who leave the crap) would have to walk there. It'd work.

Wot d' y' reckon? ;)
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