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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
May 30, 2010, 00:02
tjj wrote:
Resonox wrote:
tjj wrote:
but to be frank I don't give a toss.

Well if you did...that could be seen as spilling seed...but I think the decency laws in this country prohibit it anyway.

Resonox, in an earlier post you suggested that I may have misused or misquoted your words - which I certainly had not intended to do. Surely by quoting the final half dozen words of my previous post (which was nothing if not reasonable) to have a jibe at my expense is doing the same thing. "I don't give toss" is a colloquialism of course and was not meant to refer to the act of masturbation - though should I choose such an activity in the open air it is unlikely that I would spill any seed ... as I am female and I don't think our anatomy works that way.

Ah...so a little bit of levity isn't permissible...In one post you are glad you made me laugh...but another it is deemed as an affront for doing the same????If you feel that this was a jibe at your expense...I can only apologise for wording it badly, it was intended to be funny(I realise that spur of the moment humour doesn't always translate once it has had time to be analysed)....
However as you don't see it as bit of a laugh and only as ribaldry at your expense, I will refrain from any more attempts on this particular topic.
btw semantically..."giving a toss" is quite different from having one and as such would still result in seed being spilled.
Once again I can only say sorry to anyone who is offended by "cheap postcard humour"
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