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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
Jun 05, 2010, 16:30
faerygirl wrote:
revnox wrote:
"Christianity was forced on thousands and thousands of people the world over, not many of them over-the-moon about it either. But when its join us or get burned, most people suddenly find light in Jesus..."

I think we can safely say most formal religions and ideologies have been responsible for rather atrocious impositions.
In fact is this not what we are discussing in the thread?
Impositions whether they be ideological, religious or other wise and an individuals right to freedom of choice.

Ah yes, the freedom of choice. Tell that to the South american, Australians, Europeans and Africans who were allowed their freedom to remain "Pagan"

Burning of "witches" (or anyone who was seen enjoying nature rather than going to church)
Destroying of native "idols" and temples
Building churches on British SCs/ Temples all over the world (although the Muslims did a huge amount of this too, but lets not forget that Christianity and Islam are the same religion for most of their writings and prophets)

lovely freedom of choice...

I think you are a little confused, Australians and Africans Pagan?
burning of witches exclusively Christian, no way the indigenous people of Australia dealt very harshly with witches (or those they believed to have used witch craft as do many Africans still to this day.
your analysis seems very naive. the destruction of native idols and temples goes on to this day all over the world by most religions if not all!
As for saying that Muslims and Christians are the same this is downright silly! Muslims , Christians and Jews are people of the book meaning they are Abrahamic religions and sorry their idea of prophetic lineage is very different as is their writings.

freedom of choice I applaud but lets also choose reality not some faery tale regarding pre-christian noble savages.
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