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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
May 29, 2010, 09:33
Sanctuary wrote:
Resonox wrote:
faerygirl wrote:
Oh and I had a thought. What about the wailing wall? Its stuffed to bursting point with prayersa dn offering and scraps of paper. Is it different because its a religion still in practice? Would it be different if it was in Britain and watched over by an angry farmer?
Rhiannon's reply is roughly what mine would be to that point....your own point that "it is a religion still in practice".. justifies The Wailing Wall being used as it is...
As no-one really knows the exact religion of the people who put stones where they are, so the leaving of offerings is for peoples' own benefits(I daresay there are people who go to modern churches and make a show of putting a generous wad in the collection plate, as if to say, "My offering is bigger than yours!"..strikes me as being like leaving a physical offering by a site ..pointless..if you consider the site spiritual)...and to repeat the oft-made point, these days people are just adapting the sites for their own purposes...even to the extent of laying claims to be following an ancient religion of which there is no evidence for. Even the Druids came long after the erection of many of these sites, and perhaps the pre-romanic druids did use them for their own benefit(much as the church did after them)..but again as to this we only have romanic propaganda against the druids as any kind of evidence...so it isn't an accurate portrayal.

It would seem more of an unproven belief than fact that stone circles etc are religeous sites when in fact we have no idea why they were built or what they were used for on completion whatsoever, other than what we are told or personally believe. They may have no connection with religeous beliefs at all and it is really all assumption is it not based on many aspects, none of which actually prove anything!

Again this kinda supports bith sides of the argument. Everyone saying "leave it as it was supposed to be" and "respect the site" when for all we know it was an elaborate dump site/ a grave yard for the poor/ a cattle shed/ a temple/ a giant clock! I don't leave anything apart from the fading sound of drums and a didgeridoo, but I get more upset with kendle mint cake wrappers (I have seen these dropped by middle aged hikers with NO respect for the place or the fact I was trying to get a good photo!) and cigerette butts (again, a visiting family with their kids climbing all over the stones, their dog taking a dump in the middle and the dad stubbing the cigerette out on the stone and leaving it there). I pick up litter at these places, but if something has been left I dont touch it because everyone gets to have their own view on these things and I dont feel I have the authority to tell someone their belief is stupid.
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