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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
May 24, 2010, 07:10
tjj wrote:
thesweetcheat wrote:
Resonox wrote:
I don't know...but surely hoarding something ravished from the earth can't have any beneficial qualities, either for the earth or the holder as it is in effect keeping "stolen" items and they are not complete as they have been shattered from a whole.Returning them as an "offering" might help towards the replenishing of the earth's fragile resources.

Surely that's taking the argument a little far? The bricks that built my house were made from clay taken from the earth but I'm not planning on knocking it down and scattering the dust back over the fields. No doubt the laptop I'm typing this on has been made using the earth's resources.

The fact is that we are a selfish, destructive species, but unless we're all going to revert back to a palaeolithic lifestyle, there's a limit to what we can do about it. Returning crystals to the earth (where? how?) doesn't seen particularly worthwhile.

Succinctly put tsc, Resonox's post was directed at me

I quite agree with the point made about the probable futility of returning a precious commodity to back to the earth it was stolen from..where do you begin...but when asked what good it would do,I did begin my post with the line(totally ignored)"I Don't Know!"....I was not aiming the post at any one person(or even any collective group) as I didn't raise the subject of crystals being raped from the earth,but if it's OK to leave a pottery cow or bunch of plastic flowers at a site designated sacred (by whom ..might I politely ask??) as a votive offering to the earth,why is it wrong to do the same with crystals?Oh right...they'll end up in a museum in the future..whereas if you keep them they will be put to good healing use or just be an aesthetic centre of attraction on your mantlepiece.
As to their healing properties...surely if the crystals have been taken with such force their energy lines will have been disrupted ,if not shattered.It's like saying you can cut off a healer's hand and keep it because it has properties beneficial to your well-being...
Please tjj, don't try to make yourself a martyr by misquoting or misusing my posts,it isn't very becoming, after all I asked a question open to all to respond to and didn't post a diatribe, if it read like that, it is my fault entirely,but a simple PM instead of taking stewardship of my words rearranging and displaying them as you would your collection of crystals, would have sufficed....
Ms Green,whom I read up on after your post, also warns of this behaviour in one of her books, any ill-will you direct at me or prestige you try to gain at my expense, by pointing out my errors and flaws as a knowledge seeking being will be returned(and multiplied)to you by dint of natural law.
I do hope that this really isn't the case as I'm sure you just misinterpreted my words, and weren't intending to misuse my post at all.

Didn't mean to wander so much off topic and wouldn't even have responded except that I was specifically named as a poster who deliberately targeted another.
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