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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
May 29, 2010, 12:02
nigelswift wrote:
But how about a little girl whos daddy used to bring her up here as a child and she wants to leave something to remember him by.

Aw come on, don't play the orphaned little girl card, you know I can't say anything now without sounding like a monster!

Anyway, can't she leave it near but not at? And as for offerings having a "significance" to the offerer that makes them immune from removal, that would mean anyone could leave anything anywhere - and no-one could tidy up in case it was Fido's favourite toy! Nah, personal significance is personal and shouldn't be imposed on the community. Graffiti can be deeply personal yet dreadfully vandalistic at the same time.

HAHA I knew that one would get you! I actually only used that one because a friend of mine tied ribbon at Long Meg for her father who used to take her there. In all fairness Long Meg is so grim and miserable it could do with some ribbon to brighten the place up a bit!!

My point there was to show how peoples OWN view on whats decent and whats not shouldn't come into it. Lots of earlier posts were saying how nothing should be left and that people are making a mess of the place but these same people were happy with the little carved stones. Thats just not fair!
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