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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
May 31, 2010, 16:52
faerygirl wrote:
TheStandingStone wrote:
faerygirl wrote:
I don't leave anything apart from the fading sound of drums and a didgeridoo

So noise pollution is acceptable then?

Well its not still there when the next people get there is it? Most of the comments on here have said that biodegradable offerings are fine. Or leaving something and then taking it away later is fine. Now if leaving a pile of mouldy fruit is acceptable then our form of prayer which doesnt hurt anything, damage anything, rot, rust, smell, mark, or last in any way should SURELY be the best form of offering? Like I have said (although people are selecting tiny bits of my comments to pick on rather than quoting the entire thing) I actually LIKE offerings. I think a few coloured ribbons in trees and bundles of flowers and lavender are nice. I dont leave anything myself but if youre even gonna pick on THAT then I cant help but wonder what the hell someone has to do to make some of you lot happy!

I quite like rag trees. We have loads here in Ireland next to holy wells...all Catholic though - only seen one offering at a pagan site, it doesn't happen here. I have no real problem with music at sites (again...never encountered it)..was just playing devil's advocate...not trying to offend.
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