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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
Jun 01, 2010, 20:13
Resonox wrote:
revnox wrote:
Resonox wrote:
I think it is widely accepted that "The Harvest Festival", although adopted by christianity, is in fact a throwback to an older tradition...so quite possibly it is the oldest"ongoing" tradition.

Sorry to contradict however I think we can consider innumerable 'ongoing' traditions regarding sacrifice and the seasons, death and rebirth etc to be as old if not older!
So your remark as to it being the oldest is patently untrue at worst and subjectively selective at best.

Well I'll bow to your obvious knowledge in these matters, but I've always thought that the origins of Harvest Festival were derived from a seasonal sacrifice...glad to be proven wrong.
However,,did you intend to be so rude in your reply? It undermines your previous claims to champion freedom of expression. Are they too selective or untrue?...I make an error(in your view) and you insinuate I'm committing the crime of the century by telling deliberate falsehoods(again in your view)......I'd just like to draw your attention to the fact I did in my post say "possibly it is the oldest tradition".
However,with drawing a line under all that I'd be grateful, from a learning point of view, to hear which traditions in this country are ongoing and old, older and oldest...cheers in advance

I did not intend to be rude nor was I, however if you feel slighted I apologise.
However no one has suggested nor implied that any crime and definitely not one of "the century" has been committed! Nor have I stated that your falsehood was deliberate.
However drawing a line under all that...there are (as I stated before) a large number of ongoing traditions (however reinterpreted and transformed as the harvest festival was and is) such as death and birth rites, other rites associated with the seasons.......I am sure every reader will be conversant with such obvious parallels and their historic provenance in all cultures.
your welcome in advance.
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