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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
May 31, 2010, 13:04
juamei wrote:

(you need) broader tolerance ... (as you have) deeper prejudices ...(and) negative views ...

Our Prehistory belongs to all of us now and all our descendants in the future for as long as they walk the land. No-one has "The Absolute Right" to change it according to their peculiar forays into their inner self.

If people have the right to leave 20th century ritual artifacts in a place which has no link in time or space with their beliefs, then I most certainly have the right to remove said artifacts to return the site closer to how its original builders intended.

Do you drive a car to these sites?
Do you have central heating?
Who voted you as a spokes person to decide what has a link and what does not to any artifact?
Your post is extremely conceited and shows a solipsistic imperialistic approach to these sites. On the one hand you make use of all of the modern conveniences (and therefore owe a great debt to the earth in general) and on the other hand you then claim that others leaving incongruous items are in the wrong.
it's called having your cake and eating it!
just because we don't like something does not make it wrong! I personally think all under the pagan banner is a modern construct and those that claim to adhere to it are as foolish as most other deluded followers of all traditions churches and ilks and yet still I claim a freedom of expression is as sacred if not more so than a few dead artifacts.
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