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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
Jun 01, 2010, 17:17
"But surely this would've applied to the "pillocks with metal detectors" you pilloried with, IMO a great deal of disdain if not hatred on another topic, admittedly you recanted your rant about them as you checked and found they hadn't damaged the site(yet)where ever it is...but like I said they may come back...(and by doing nothing ..you will be party to the site being desecrated)
However your freedom of expression(ie to commune with nature)was destroyed because you were forced to leave. Their methods according to your narrative were highly intimidating and you were there to witness their facial expressions etc after all....
Reading your statement here, I now "assume" that if they ever returned in your presence and disrupted your communing session you wouldn't "leave with a bitter taste in your mouth", but rather allow them free rein to express their love of treasure hunting and stealing of historic artefacts by encouraging them? Please assure me my assumption is wrong by saying you would actively deter these thieves from not only stealing any ancient finds(at least inform the appropriate authority), but also from stealing your freedom of expression and right to be there, because your meditative communing with nature at these sites rather than leave any physical proof or testament is what most posters on this thread are trying to encourage.[/quote]

I can see your point to a degree and I did in fact treat the detector men with disdain it wasn't because they were there or even the detectors just the plain bad manners!
I would consider anyone lacking in common courtesy with disdain after all manners are what lubricate the wheels of social interaction.
However that said destroying or removing quite innocent and non-harmful symbols etc is as bad mannered as any other imposition be it music litter etc etc
And I can assure you the site in question is being watched quite closely, my friend is it's closest neighbour and rather a large chap.
I concur the rubbish, damage and other harmful or bad mannered interactions should be stopped!
However I would not leave it to the jack booted stone police whoever they are!
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