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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
May 20, 2010, 13:20
hmmmm - Preaching indeed.

I would be interested to hear who gives you the authority to decide another human beings personal offerings are 'detritus' and 'rubbish'?
And the presumed right to move in and 'tidy up' a location where their religious practices are taking place?

If you ever go to another part of the world, like India for example - would you take a bin bag and tidy up all the 'rubbish' offerings at their sacred sites too.
Or maybe thats different? not 'British'?

It would be very easy to see a degree of arrogance and ignorance in your post - lets hope thats not the case. But it might also be worth considering that there may be things going on that you are totally unaware of - next time you reach for the knife and binbag. Perhaps a heartfelt healing ceremony for a friend or relative with cancer (prayer rags on trees etc) ... just perhaps?

The fact the farmer cut down the thorn tree is the most disgraceful part of this. A tree that has taken years to grow in that special place and yet you sympathise with him? - curious indeed.
As for the pottery cow, where is he now ? in a land fill site?

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