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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
May 29, 2010, 15:44
Resonox wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:

It would seem more of an unproven belief than fact that stone circles etc are religeous sites when in fact we have no idea why they were built or what they were used for on completion whatsoever, other than what we are told or personally believe. They may have no connection with religeous beliefs at all and it is really all assumption is it not based on many aspects, none of which actually prove anything!

I'm not sure I get your point...I never claimed for a minute that stone circles or any such structures of a similar age are of religious significance....The Wailing Wall is though and as such should never have been used as an example (or excuse) for leaving "prayers in a physical form" at sites.
I did point out as well that there is no documentation(except biased propaganda) at all of their(ie circles) purpose...although many do have or had significant and possibly important burial remains within them...though usually they have been robbed of even that evidence...I didn't claim they were graves either.

Sorry Resonox, I wasn't trying to say that you were claiming that stones circles etc were of religious significance, more going with the flow of the general view it would seem that offerings are left at sites after some form of rites have been carried out believing that these sites do in fact hold a religious significance. They may well do of course but then again.....
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