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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
Jun 01, 2010, 18:30
tjj wrote:
I guess if you were a new contributor to the forum you might be put off if you thought you were perceived to be in the eccentric minority.
I am a new contributor to the forum, but really don't care how people percieve me unless it is too far off the mark....I might be wrong here...but are you perhaps confusing me with Revnox....his user-name is spookily close to mine....as far as I can make out though, he is a newer contributor than me, unless you know better????

tjj wrote:
PS: I am very flattered by the close scrutiny you give my posts - being in the 'eccentric minority' myself I'm not used to the attention.
I really don't give them any more scrutiny than any other posts, I do try to absorb, analyse and generally agree with(not always an option though) every post I read. As you seem to enjoy the heady to and fro of debate that my observations seem to throw up it may appear that there is an inordinate amount of scrutiny...rest assured there isn't....but I in return am flattered you think so.
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