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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
Jun 03, 2010, 10:46
revnox wrote:
"I'm not conversant with any" sorry I was under the misapprehension that you had already suggested that the harvest festival was one?

" and would really appreciate which ones are meant....because it would only be guesswork on my behalf" sardonic with just a hint of throwing down the gauntlet.
However I am surprised that one so erudite would need illumination, especially one who states "but I've always thought that the origins of Harvest Festival were derived from a seasonal sacrifice...glad to be proven wrong" after I had stated (I think we can consider innumerable 'ongoing' traditions regarding sacrifice and the seasons) admittedly I had seasons (not seasonal) and sacrifice in the obverse order. So no wonder you were perplexed!
don't worry I will come to the crux of the matter soon.

"We are talking about this country though...and I think, through reading your reply(feel free to correct me though)..that you are agreeing with me that the harvest festival might indeed be one of the oldest ongoing traditions" I do to some degree in terms of one of the oldest, 'one of' being the operable part! although I believe your exact words were "The Harvest Festival", although adopted by Christianity, is in fact a throwback to an older tradition...so quite possibly it is the oldest"ongoing" tradition"
slightly different emphasis and yet it makes all the difference, wouldn't you agree?
"one of the oldest" implies sharing it's antiquity with others!
where as "so quite possibly it is the oldest" implies it is older than the others, makes all the difference doesn't it?
get the gist?

"like I say..the others which spring to(my) mind would only be speculation"
Your original position was speculation also!
That is exactly the point! you are speculating that one transformed or reinterpreted rite has a greater degree of veracity and a more authentic provenance, and why? It would appear because it fits neatly into your prescription of rites and offerings at sites. vested interest? it would appear so!

"You could always start a new thread listing "The Oldest Ongoing UK Traditions"....I can think of 5 possibles...but it'd be interesting to see your list first so I can compare and contrast"
Again the transparent attempt at challenges, how can you compare and contrast when you have already said " and would really appreciate which ones are meant....because it would only be guesswork on my behalf" this was on the same page for goodness sake, unless of course you were deceiving me to try and exploit my response, bad boy.

"...and also to see what other readers think are suitable candidates for inclusion" Oh dear and we finish with the the school yard tactic of co-opting ones peers to bait..ever the sign of passive/aggressive and one that you have obviously no need to sell to a particular individual who pops up to snide (I would say he will be on next...but he just might avoid it now)

Now that has been dealt with back to the list, but of course we will have to accept that none of these are exclusively British. Of course you knew that!
Rites relating to water, offerings at sacred wells and springs.
Rites relating to Death, offerings for the dead and relating to rebirth (as I am sure you are aware the harvest festival is inextricably linked to these)
Rites relating to sacred areas whether geographical, mythical or to flora and fauna.
Of course the list goes on and on.
But of course the easiest course open to you now is to ask me to specify the particular rites.....so please do.
Go on ask me?

Sorry all got a bit confused with inclusions and exclusions of inverted commas and what was actual quotes of mine and replies from you ...so I'm not too sure what you are after here.....you do seem to be implying that there is some kind of gauntlet throwing going on...not at all...just curious as to why my posting of suggesting harvest festival should be classed as a possible oldest ongoing rite...can be accused of being deceptive or subjective(???that definitely escaped me)...and when I point out that it is only a possibility...and would be curious as to which other ones other people might see in this role, without giving any clues as to the ones I think might be, so as not to give sway anyone else's opinion...all suddenly boils down to a swipe at you....please don't feel offended...but it was a genuine offer to start a thread to name specific ongoing rituals which might be the longest standing in this country...whether adapted for modern use or not.
One I had thought of(prepare to have opinions swayed) was the maypole dance....a very obvious mating/fertility rite which even the christians couldn't wipe out so it is now incorporated(and I hazard a guess...if that's permitted...very tamed down from the original) as part of Mayday festivals.
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