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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
Jun 06, 2010, 13:59
revnox wrote:
revnox wrote:
faerygirl wrote:

I appreciate you have gone to a lot of trouble for these....but sorry you are still on the wrong track.
You are addressing issues never raised by me, I have not questioned the Christians imposition, murder etc etc on other faiths and cultures.
I merely raised the point that all major religions are culpable and have skeletons in and out of the vestry!
I can see you want to make a point and feel aggrieved however you are addressing the wrong person and the wrong posts.

OOps sorry should have read them first!
Yes they have similarities, yes they are Abrahamic, yes they share some prophets and myths.
Yet they are not the same religion as you stated in "Christianity and Islam are the same religion for most of their writings and prophets"
I will not bore you with the whole expose of why prophetic lineage and theology is different however please consider that Jews did not and do not accept Jesus as the 'messiah' or even a prophet in terms of prophetic lineage (they are still waiting) those that did became christians. muslims accept Jesus as a prophet (not the messiah) but the prophet Mohammed PBUH as the last prophet and revealer of final revelation.

if we follow your logic we can claim that Sikhism is the same as Hinduism or Islam because both traditions where used in the Guru Granth Sahib.
We can claim Buddhism is the Same as Vedanta.
Sorry this is very very naive.
One of the Mughals Dara Shikoh wrote 'the confluence of two oceans' comparing and contrasting Hinduism and Islam but sorry they are not the same thing.

I didnt bring up Jews, you did. But thanks for pointing out where a religion I didnt mention isnt like a religion I did. My point was that Islam and Christianity have the same roots and have behaved in the same way in their attempts at "spreading the word" in ways that other religions havent.
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