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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
May 29, 2010, 13:00
moss wrote:
This discussion could go on for ever, perhaps what we are missing out on is that humans live within a social framework, we make rules for this and that, 'belt up'(seat belts), 'tidy litter' etc.... but when it comes to religion and individual belief we get tied up with trespassing on someone elses 'feeling', offerings are'nt after all dangerous (unless of course you slip on a banana skin) but they are scattered in an indiscriminate fashion across certain sites...

So Faerygirl what is your solution, to the bringing of 'stuff'? I know where you are coming from with this argument that belief has a right of expression, something I would stand by myself.. but what happens at sites is a multitude of personal beliefs. Could it be that a new way of spiritual thinking is evolving maybe, or people are being like 'sheep' and just following what everyone else is doing?
For those of us who went through the 60s, a 'new age' wave of religious belief took place then and I don't think any of that has survived unless you call secularism a religion, which is in a sense what you are arguing against.

Actually today I read in the news that an Ulster museum is debating whether to introduce the idea of 'creationism' into its galleries..now that is seriously worrying. ;)

Oh I dont have a solution! I just like a good argument. If everyone else on here was saying that it should all be left in place and not removed I would be there with my bin bag RIGHT NOW picking it all up ;)

Only Joking (of course! what woman would argue for the sake of it???!) I just think its a shame. A little elitist to say that this persons stuff is tat when anothers is a lovely spiritual offering. I think it should apply to everything and to be honest, thats where I find I have problems too! I love to see coloured ribbons in the trees at these places and little bundles of lavender tucked into the holes at Avebury look wonderful. But it every hole was stuffed with another offering, it would look a right bloody mess! So then we are back "leave nothing" which is fine but you cant tell people not to honour something they feel they need to! Bloomin' plastic poppies all over things on rememberane sunday, fake flowers looking dog-eared and tatty all over graveyards or real flowers, long dead and also looking dreadful. Guess we just cant help ourselves...
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