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Tidying up offerings
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Re: Tidying up offerings
May 21, 2010, 10:43
Creyr wrote:
A friend asked me to go with a bin bag to Long Meg to tidy up all the ritual offering detritus. He had passed by there and said it was really excessive but he didnt have anything to put the rubbish in. He said the thorn tree was particularly badly adorned. So I went up there today - just48 hours after he had been there - armed with bin bag and a knife to cut loose the stuff in the trees.

Unfortunately the farmer had beaten me to and and has tidied up the thorn tree once and for all (he has cut it down and left a wee stump).

I know Im preaching to the converted here, but please, if you do know any leaver of offerings types, tell them this cautionary tale.
The farmer is in his rights to cut the tree down and I sympathise with his point of view. Im not happy tho' as i like trees alot more than i like the kind of people who leave (well intentioned, spiritually imbued) tat tied in them.

I still managed to collect a half bin bag of strange plasticy fairy tiara type things and a pottery cow with crop circle markings on it (!). Also retreived a camping gas cylinder from a rabbit hole under a stone.Hmmmm....

Please encourage all your new ager friends to leave offerings that disappear into thin air immediately ( a song or a prayer perhaps...)

Rant over


Good post Clairex and one that we should all support. Once an 'offering' has been made then there is nothing to be gained in my opinion by leaving it there once the 'service' has been completed if by doing so we are storing up trouble for ourselves. We are priviliged on the whole to be able to move freely amongst the stones of the majority of our sites and we cannot afford to lose that 'right' because of what most people perceive as rubbish. Guilt-tripping someone who doesn't see things as you do doesn't solve anything but being able to return to places such as Long Meg and my particular favourite, the Swallowhead Springs at Avebury, is a pleasure that I don't wish to lose by creating unwanted dumping grounds.
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