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Trespass on SSSI sites
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Re: Trespass on SSSI sites
Sep 10, 2012, 18:43
Sanctuary wrote:
texlahoma wrote:
Evergreen Dazed wrote:
texlahoma wrote:
Evergreen Dazed wrote:

Yes, I loved Halliggye too.
I did Boleigh, Pendeen and Halliggye and am looking forward to seeing the others you mentioned.
Regarding Boleigh, have you read 'Fogou' by Jo May? I think you may enjoy it if you haven't already!

Yes, I did enjoy that as well as Ian Cookes Mother and Sun, Evelyn Clark's Cornish Fogous is a great little book too if a little more academic in tone.

Must get that 'Mother and Sun' book, seems to get rave reviews.

My girlfriend, not at all a megalithic geek, absolutely loves fogous. Can't get enough of them. Shes always shown interest in the other places i've taken her to visit, but finds some of the barrows like WK a little freaky. But when she got inside Boleigh she went a bit feral and shot off ahead of me seemingly in a world of her own. She couldn't wait to get to Pendeen after that and did exactly the same there, and left me cautiously hanging round near the entrance! Shes a bit weird if you ask me.

Maybe it's a real 'female' thing, a fogou.

I think you might be right. My daughter seemed completely at home in all the Fogous I mentioned (not that we live in a cave), they are amazing places even in the context of places like West Kennett in my opinion. They also seem to be more alive to me.

Has much 'modern' excavating and data been collected to fix then into an exact timeframe yet? Different articles suggest they are a bit of a mystery date wise whilst others seem more positive.

I've read so much about dating but usually they all seem to point towards them being Iron age without too much solid commitment
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