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Trespass on SSSI sites
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The Eternal
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Re: Trespass on SSSI sites
Sep 02, 2012, 00:13
Hi June,

Thanks for re-opening the debate on Silbury Hill. I hate censorship.

I climbed up Silbury once in the mid to late 90s. Can't remember exactly when, but there was nowt to stop you then. I found it a great experience in that it gave a great view, and one that helped the viewer, me, to place Silbury within her landscape. Also, at that time, I can honestly say that I didn't notice any significant damage through people going on it. Yes, there was some flattened and worn grass, but that was it. Maybe it's different now, but I haven't set foot on it since.

On the previously locked post someone wrote: "Silbury from the top is a dreary disappointment (ask anyone who's been)". I disagree, as I have said above. If only I had been asked.

However, if it is now a tresspass offence, and against the law to climb Silbury Hill, then I will respect that. I hope there is a good reason. I can't comment on whether Silbury Hill is now being damaged by people climbing it, as I haven't been on it for years.

I know that we all love Silbury Hill, and don't want to see it damaged, but I feel that the authorities often go the wrong way about stopping people - they just rub them up the wrong way, and it ends in conflict, and some people see it as a challenge to disobey the wishes of the powers that be.

All the best,
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